Fabulous Five For Friday!

Well, I'm finally linking up with Doodle Bugs for:


Last week we wrapped up our Science chapter on matter.  We learned what volume is:

We also learned about mass by measuring the masses of different objects on this pan balance.  We learned that sand has a higher mass than most other objects:

On Friday we had a Character Assembly on responsibility so our Morning Message reviewed that character trait.

 Every morning there are two Morning Messages.  The message on the Promethean Board lists reminders for the day:

The other Morning Message is over at the rug where we hold our Morning Meetings.


 We wrote out haikus about Johnny Appleseed and made a craft of Johnny.  I'll show pictures of this later because I forgot to take pictures on Friday.


A week ago Sunday, I went to a fundraiser for the Woburn Educational Foundation.  The guest speaker was Susan Wornick who was a news person on the local news.  She was a funny and engaging speaker:

There were also pocketbooks that were raffled off.  I really wanted to win this hot pink Kate Spade bag with a bow on the front.  Unfortunately, I didn't win a pocketbook, but I really did enjoy hearing Susan Wornick speak.

Now I'm off to do my food shopping and catch up on all my other chores.  Thanks for visiting today!

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