Fun Five For Friday!

It's Saturday which means I'm only one day late to link up with Doodle Bugs for:

 Last Saturday I met a small group of New England bloggers at the Museum of Science in Boston.  This meet-up was arranged by Jodi whose blog is The Clutter-Free Classroom!

Here's a group photo taken by Amber whose blog is:  Shut the Door and Teach.

 From the left:  Sara, blogger of  Frampton's FUNdamentals; Emily, blogger of  Munchkins, Inc.; Vera,  blogger of The Tutu Teacher; me; Jodi; Rachel, blogger of Third Grade Cupcakes; and Furnell, blogger of Owl Always Love 2nd Grade!

Here are these beautiful business cards that four of the bloggers had:

Now I'm thinking that I might need business cards, too!

Any way, it was really exciting to meet these tremendous bloggers and to learn that we're all very hard-working teachers.  Thanks to Jodi for arranging this meet-up!

Last Sunday I went to a Paint Party to raise money for Paws 4 a Cure.  Here's my beautiful painting of Gabi:

 Please note that it took me 15 minutes to get this picture, but I do love my painting!  I had to make a background of Gabi sitting on the front lawn because that's her very favorite place (unless she's mooching; then the place doesn't really matter).

We started Science this week, and we learned about the physical properties of matter.  We even did an experiment in which we used our 5 senses to experience a variety of objects such as a piece of macaroni, a nickel, a pom pom....

The most memorable part of the experiment for the kids was the surprise pickle that Mrs. Brown brought in for them to sample.  The reactions were extreme either way with some kids excited and other were horrified.

We went to Computer Lab for the first time on Friday to do our i-Ready reading assessment.  Luckily, Fiona's Mom came to help and made an i-ready icon for all the computers.  Now signing on for i-ready will be a breeze for everyone at our school.  Thanks, Paula!

Lastly, we read a book, Lost for Words, by Natalie Russell:

While I was reading the book, the kids were writing questions.  After reading, the kids asked their partners for the answers to their questions.  We then reviewed what questions truly helped us to understand the story.  For example, many of the kids were overly concerned with what type of animal Tapir, the main character, was.  That's his picture on the cover.  We then discussed whether Tapir's animal type would improve our understanding of the message of the book.  Consequently, we'll be working on asking and answering questions to help us understand what we read a lot more.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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