Currently December!

Happy Delightful December!  Welcome to another monthly installment of Anne in Residence's:


I decorate with snowmen and snowflakes so I can keep my decorations up all winter!



I feel like school is more manageable.  My students know the routines and expectations.  We made amazing Native American dioramas for Thanksgiving.  When my students are happy, I'm happy!


I'll be sending/gifting these sea glass creations by  @designsbyheidib to my children for Christmas:


Yesterday my friend and I went to a church fair.  Upon entering, someone from the kitchen was bringing up a fresh baked batch of cinnamon buns.  Yum!


Here is my confession:  I never wrap anything.  I only use gift bags.  I keep all my received gift bags and use them again.  I am just too lazy to wrap gifts when I can just pop them into a bag!

In closing, I love this meme so I'm ending with this thankful message:

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