Peek at my Peek + Anchors Away = Great Way to Start the Week!

Is time flying?  We're so busy at school, and I'm so busy at home, too!  I'm not complaining at all because I like to be busy; I just want to fit everything in that needs to be done.  Of course, I always find time to link up with Jennifer for:

I'm very excited to start Science.  We'll be learning about matter and the different types of matter.  Today we started by doing an activity with different objects to observe such as a coin, a piece of pasta, a piece of gimp, a pom pom, an old key, a mint, and thanks to Mrs. Brown, a pickle.  The kids had very strong reactions to the pickle, and most of them were not happy about it.  Maybe that's how they got the expression that someone's "in a pickle."

In Math, we're starting our nine times facts.  I reviewed several strategies to learn these facts.  The kids seemed pretty eager to dig in, and I love their enthusiasm.  We also learned about solving for an unknown variable in a multiplication equation like this:  5 x y = 25, y = ___.  Some of the kids were really thrown for a loop when they saw the "y" while others found it "easy" and "fun."  Either way, we'll be working on this concept this week, too.

I love doing these link-ups together because my anchor charts and Morning Messages go right along with what we're doing this week.  Plus, I look forward to Deb's:
(Deb's also offering a bonus to anyone who links up this week:  a $3.00 craftivity from her TPT shop.  Her craftivities are great so try to link up.)

Here's my Monday Morning Message:

Some of the kids like to read pretty "grown-up" books like the Hunger Games and Twilight.  Of course, there were some who chose A to Z mysteries and the Polk Street School books.  This afternoon we all sat on the rug for about ten minutes and read silently.  I'm reading a Polk Street School book where the students go to New York City.

Here are two new anchor charts:

Tomorrow we're having our Social Studies test.  During Morning Meeting, our "game" is an I have/who has game with questions about the Social Studies material.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up, Susan! You have so many cool ideas! I love "I have... Who has" games- I'd be interested to hear how you play it to review social studies! I love your morning message and anchor charts! I noticed that you had main idea and details at the top of the one chart. A fellow teacher and I were just talking tonight about the expectation to teach reading skills during Social Studies and Science lessons, and it looks like you are doing just that! Be sure to email me and let me know which craftivity you would like for me to send to you! :)


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