Five For Friday For the First Full Week of School!

Going back to school is so time consuming!  We've been so busy in class which means it's a perfect time to link up with Doodle Bugs for:

We've done a Morning Meeting every day!  The kids and I really enjoy this time.  Every morning we sit in a circle; do a greeting; share; play Zoom or count by 5; read the Morning Message.  Here's my first Morning Message that asked a question:

For Morning Work on September 11th, the kids wrote letters to the Fire or Police Departments. 

The kids had an amazing time doing the "Saving Fred" activity.  The kids needed to rescue Fred, the Gummy Worm, and put him in his life preserve - a Gummy Lifesaver - with a very small hole.  The kids needed to do this using 4 paper clips:

At first, the kids all say that it's impossible, but eventually they figure out how to stretch the Gummy Lifesaver using the paper clips.

We worked A LOT on multiplication!  This is the first year we have jumped right in with learning multiplication, and the kids are catching on!  Last week we worked on the five times facts, and they did really well.

We also thoroughly enjoyed reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears by James Marshall.  I modeled reading slowly and carefully to ensure that we understand.  We also paid close attention to the vocabulary.  For example, the author describes the Bear's house as "charming."  We discussed what this means and seeing if the pictures help us understand.

On a personal note, we skyped with my son, Andrew, who is having the time of his life in Malta where he is doing a pharmacy co-op.

Of course, we tried to include Gabi, the Dog, but she only agreed to check out the computer when we put a treat on the table.  

Well, it's already Sunday night so have a wonderful week!

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