Anchors Away & Peek at my Week!

At long last I can link up with Deb of Crafting Connections for:

This week we are working on the different types of sentences:

When I make these anchor charts, I make them with the kids and use their ideas and examples.

I've been implementing Morning Meeting in class.  The kids are really enjoying the process.  This morning we greeted each other saying "hola;" shared an activity from the weekend; played Zoom; and read this Morning Message:

After we read the Morning Message, we discussed what a strategy is and the different strategies we can use when multiplying by 5.

Now it's time to switch gears to link up with Jennifer for:

In addition to learning about multiplication and sentences, we're also learning about Massachusetts!

This is the Massachusetts State House in Boston.
We start by reviewing the capital of Massachusetts; the ocean closest to us; the compass rose and cardinal directions,...

In Reading, we will be reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears by James Marshall.  We'll also be starting our Interactive Reading Notebooks.  On the rug, we'll also be reading George and Martha stories which are really fun and funny.   I love how James Marshall uses so few words to teach such important lessons.

Have a wonderful week!

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