Peek at my Week & Anchors Away = Two Great Link-Ups!

This is the second full week of school, and we're still working on finding a routine.  That goes for me, too!  I'm always happy to link up with Jennifer for:

This week in Math we are learning about division.  We started yesterday (Monday), and many of the kids seemed overwhelmed.  Today (Tuesday) we reviewed again using the Promethean Board (our interactive whiteboard), and more kids seemed to "get it."  I'm finding that drawing a picture to match the problem is the best strategy right now because multiplication and now division are both so new to the kids, and the picture allows them to visualize the problem.  This is the first year we've taught multiplication and division right off the bat so I'm really proud of the kids for plowing ahead with me and tackling these concepts.

In Reading, we read the fable The Fox and the Grapes in our new Vocabulary workbooks.  That fox was pretty determined to get those plum-sized, red grapes.  We reviewed synonyms and antonyms.

In Social Studies, we started Chapter 1 in the Massachusetts book which leads right into Deb's link up:

I want to show my Morning Message and how I incorporated the Social Studies vocabulary:

I always try to connect our Morning Message to what we are doing in class.  Plus, it's a great way to review and hear/see the vocabulary in action.

Our Back to School night is Thursday so we'll also be preparing for that.  We're changing to trimesters with a Common Core based report card that we have to explain to the parents.  There's always something new to learn, that's for sure!

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  1. I remember listening to our third grade teachers talking last spring about how their math series taught division and multiplication together, and how unsure they were about it. But they ended up thinking it worked really well! Wow! You're teaching it in the FALL, though!! What a powerful idea to connect your vocabulary and the content you have been learning to your morning message! Thank you for linking up!


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