May Currently!

At long last I have managed to finish a monthly "Currently" so I can link up with Farley for:

*It's Saturday night, and I'm doing laundry because that's my routine. 

*I'm very excited for the weather to warm up a bit - it has been pretty chilly north of Boston these days - it's been in the 50's, but there's been a cool wind. 

*Today I realized that Mother's Day is next Sunday - I need to get an activity in order. 

*It's already the third trimester - our last day is June 26th.  The Progress Reports go home next Thursday - I just realized this yesterday. 

*Summer still seems very far off right now.  We did just get a new roof; we had several leaks and ice dams last winter so I'm hoping next winter my house will stay dry inside.  This summer I really do need to wash the windows - when they took off the old roof, my windows got very dirty.

That's it for my excitement!  Hopefully, it's warm and sunny where you are!

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  1. The warm weather is such a nice treat! After two weeks of rain, snow, and cloudy in NH it has been nice to have some sunshine. You just reminded me that I also have to do progress reports soon, its so hard to convince myself to stay in and grade when it is so nice outside!


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