Two Weeks Worth of News ~ With Some Twists and Turns!

Two weeks ago on Saturday, I headed out to "Bark For A Cause" ~ a fundraiser for canine cancer which was an hour from where I live.  After 15 minutes, my husband called with the news that he needed immediate surgery due to a staph infection in his hip replacement.  We had just been at the New England Baptist Hospital the day before for an MRI and a hip aspiration.  His surgeon wanted to operate ASAP - as in that day.  Talk about a normal day getting turned upside down!  Luckily, my husband has recovered so well!  Read on for other news from the last two weeks!

Morning Messages

I figured out another way to reuse my Morning Messages ~ as Anchor Charts.  I'd preview information we were learning that day.  After reading the Science book, I'd review what we learned by using my Morning Message!

My Students Missed Me!

The week before Labor Day I needed to take two days off to bring my husband home from the hospital and to receive information on his PICC line.  When I returned back to school, my students has made me this delightful message:

The PICC Line

Due to the infection in his hip replacement, my husband needs to receive intravenous antibiotics for six weeks.  I'm so impressed and proud that he can actually accomplish the whole procedure on his own.

That yellow sphere contains his antibiotics.

Memorial Day Weekend = Sparty the Bernese Mountain Dog Visits

My brother's dog is a BIG dog who has no idea how big he is.  Any time he saw me sitting, he insisted on sitting on me:

By the way, he weighs about 100 pounds and is 18 months old.  He's a very happy dog!

Superhero Day

Last week was Theme Week!  Thanks to Mrs. Perry's (on the far left) generous grandson who lent out his capes and masks, we were all able to get in the spirit:

Also, please note on the walls ~ those are poems that I used in my Morning Messages ~ which are so versatile!

Happy June!

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