Happy Terrific Tuesday ~ Show and Tell Edition!

Hello!  I'm so happy to link up with Stephanie from Forever in Fifth Grade for:

 Morning Messages

I'm still in school which means writing Morning Messages.  Every morning I like to go to Checkiday.com to see if there are any holidays worth including in my daily message.  Well, so far this week, I've hit the jackpot:

I'm still amazed that I have never heard of Juneteenth!  Have you?

Introducing Sergeant Stubby!

Last week on our trolley tour of Woburn, we popped into the Burdett Mansion ~ home of the Woburn Historical Society.  One of my favorite stories is about Sergeant Stubby:

I love this dog!

Annual Boston Tea Party Ship Field Trip Tomorrow!

As soon as I learn the definite last day of school, I get on the phone and schedule a field trip as close to the last day (this Friday, June 23) as possible.  Tomorrow is the BIG day.  Field trip buses cost $400/day, regardless of where you go.  We don't need to be at the Boston Tea Party Ship until 11:00 a.m. so we'll be visiting with the Mayor of Woburn at 8:45 until 10:00 when we'll head into Boston! 


Click here or on the picture to read more about the amazing Boston Tea Party Museum!
Thanks for visiting today!  Enjoy your summer vacation!



  1. Sorry to hear you are still in school. I love your idea of using the website to find things for your morning message! Thanks for sharing!

    Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

  2. Hope your field trip was a roaring success! THANKS bunches for sharing that website Checkiday.com. I can think of some really fun things to do with this and my 5/6th ELA kiddos! Have a great summer!

  3. I'm so envious that you are able to go on a field trip to the Boston Tea Party Ship! What a great way to end the year! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade


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