Positive Dog Thinking!

I love linking up with Jennifer for:


Since this week included National Dog Day I decided on this quote:

Here's my dog, Gabi, who I adopted over 6 years ago:

Gabi and I can't wait for the Patriots to start playing.  She'll get to lounge on the couch with my husband, and I'll get to do whatever I want because when the Patriots are on TV, that's all he wants to do is focus on the game.  Gabi is always thrilled to have company while she's on one of her couches.  Life is quite comfortable for this formerly homeless dog.

Happy Friday!

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  1. OMGoodness! I can't believe you have had Gabi for 6 years! ....well, I think Gabi has you -either way you are lucky to have each other. Enjoy your looooong weekend, because sadly I know it will be short.


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