Peek at my Week & What I Bought!

It's Tuesday - already - which means I'm a little late to link up with Jennifer for:

This week I'll be reading these books:

I'm really loving The Cafe Book by "The Sisters."  In this book they give specific lessons/reading strategies to teach as well as how to set up a CAFE board:

C = comprehension
A = accuracy
F = fluency
E = expand vocabulary

So far, I've read about the first day of school when three reading strategies are introduced.

The other book - The Invention of Wings - is by one of my favorite authors, Sue Monk Kid.  Her latest books takes place in Charleston, South Carolina and deals with slavery. 

Other than reading, I'll be doing more of the same:  cleaning and organizing....  Taking care of a house is a full time job which probably explains why it takes me all summer to get most of the deep cleaning done.

Now, it's on to more exciting news with Erin at Learning to be Awesome for her Show us your Stash link-up.

Learning to be Awesome

Please note:  I linked all products to the TPT store so you can check them out by pressing on the pictures.

This first product was not part of the sale, but I bought it because I always do the fundraisers, and this one was to help the daughter of a 30 year old teacher who died of heart problems.

I love Cam Jansen books so I'm excited to try out this book study:

I'm hoping this product will help with the fluency part of The Cafe Book:

How lucky is this!  I won a $10 gift card for TPT from Tracey of The Teacher's Chair so I spent that money on these products from her store:

I LOVE shopping at TPT; now I just have to remember what I bought so that I remember to use these amazing products!

Thanks for checking in!

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  1. Oh that is such a sad story about that lovely teacher. I think there might be one more purchase I have to make.

    Thanks so much for linking up and sharing what you got!!

    Learning to be awesome


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