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Hola, hola, Coca Cola!  Thanks for checking in today!

By the way, if you LOVE this number clipart, you can get it for free from Artifex's TPT store!

My sons' band, Foxglove, has a new CD that you can download for free here! 

I'm even in one of the music videos, but I'll post that link later.  I just recently found out about my appearance in this video.  Of course, I'm only in the video for comic relief - at least, I have a new purpose in life.

A lot of bloggers offer new products for free to the first three people who comment.  I'm usually too late, but this time I actually got to check this out:

I LOVE Little Red Riding Hood stories, and this unit gives you the opportunity to compare and contrast a story that is familiar to the kids.  If you click on the image above, you can check this new product out in Michelle's TPT store.

It's a fun link-up from Trina for:

Trina would like some new music for her work-outs so she's asking for suggestions.  Since I go spinning at least four times a week, I do have a few favorite work-out songs:

I'm On Top of the World/ Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

* Peace by O.A.R.

* Songs by the Foo Fighters

* Mr. Blue Skies by E.L.O.

* Love Runs Out - One Republic

I want to tell you about this fun challenge - you can get all the details by clicking on the picture; the information below the picture is from Alison's web site.  For $20, you get a list of clothes to have, some of which you may already have in your closet.  For 21 days, Alison shows you different ways to wear the ten pieces of clothing.  For the summer challenge, I had to buy metallic sandals and a jean vest; everything else I had.  Any way, I never would have bought these pieces because they weren't anything I would normally wear, but I ended up loving them.  The challenge helps you to step outside of comfort zone and try some new outfits. 

Check it out by clicking on the picture!

Registration for the Work Your Work Wear Challenge is opening in just one week.  Sign ups will open next Monday, August 4th.
The Work Wear Challenge is going to be perfect for teachers or anyone who works in a business casual office environment.  If your work wardrobe needs a refresh, this challenge is for you!  As with previous challenges, you'll get a shopping list of work wardrobe basics plus 21 days of mix and match outfit options. 

Invite your friends and colleagues, shop together and share the fun!  As an added incentive, I'll be providing lunch for the office, school or organization with the most participants in the Work Wear Challenge!  More details coming soon.

The shopping list will be released on August 15th and the first outfit will be sent out on August 24th. Kids shouldn't be the only ones who get to enjoy the back to school shopping fun.  Join me for the Work Your Work Wear Challenge and start this school year off in style! xoxo

P.S.  If you have any questions about the Work Wear Challenge, just hit reply and ask away!

 Depending on when you're reading this:

Thanks for checking in today!

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  1. The Work Wear Challenge sounds like something I'd be interested in. I will definitely check it out.


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