Peek at My Week! Giveaway at Funky in Fourth!

Today I'm linking up with my friend, Jennifer, for her weekly link-up:

There are A LOT of amazing giveaways right now, and since I can't resist completing rafflecopters, I know I'll be entering as many giveaways as I can find.  Here's one you can check out right now:

Press on the button to enter!

 I'm hoping to spend some time reading my new book:

I've been waiting all summer to read this best-selling book, and I am thoroughly enjoying it.   The story takes place before and during World War II in France.  The main characters are Marie-Laure,who is a young, blind French girl and Werner, who is a young, German boy who is handy with fixing radios.  So far, their paths haven't crossed, but I'm hoping to find out next week.

I saved the most boring task for last:  cleaning and organizing and other household chores.  Oh, well, they need to be done, and no time like the present so I'm off...

Have a wonderful week!

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