What I'm Wearing Wednesday/Blog Challenge!

It's another two for one link-up day!

First up is Jivey's:

Since I have Responsive Classroom this week, I'm actually wearing my "real" clothes:

The blue shirt is from Kohl's and the skirt is from Second Time Around which is a consignment store.  I bought the skirt in Florida, but the tag inside says it's made in Maine.  I do love this skirt because it's bright and comfortable.

I'm also linking up today with Michelle whose blog is  Big Time Literacy for her Big Time Blogging Challenge. Today's topic is to share about our pets:


I have a big, black dog named Gabi.  We adopted Gabi 5 years ago from the Animal Hospital the week after we put down our other dog.  My heart was so broken, and Gabi was homeless so I figured we could "rescue" each other.   Gabi was taken from a family in Woburn by the local Dog Officer who I actually met at the Animal Hospital last week when Gabi went to get checked for an ear infection.  I asked him if he remembered Gabi, but he said that he has to take so many dogs away that he couldn't remember.  I couldn't believe that there are so many people whose dogs are taken away by the Dog Officer!

Here's Gabi living the good life now:

Gabi is definitely not a "girly" dog, but she's a great watch dog who loves her family.  She also has her own blog:  Gabi the Dog Has a Blog!   If you want to read more about Gabi's view of the world and her dog wisdom, please check it out.  Her blog is geared toward students who might need to learn some life lessons.

Thanks for checking in today!


  1. I love that your dog has a blog!!! So cool. Do you share that with your students. They must love that. They always love when I talk about Snoopy, but she doesn't have a blog to show them!

  2. Gabi is so cute! Love that she has a blog! :)


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