Responsive Classroom - Day 2

I'm really learning a lot at my Responsive Classroom class.  Today we started off with a quote:

The presenter's slide said the quote was by "Anonymous" because when she researched the source of the quote, it was attributed to several different people. 

This was the slide shown before we were sent off to our classes:

What I'm particularly enjoying about this class is the interaction with other teachers and all the activities that we get to do.  We have an adult morning meeting before we start learning and discussing new parts of the Responsive Classroom.

Today the teacher asked us why people speed in their cars.  We gave suggestions, and she wrote them down on chart paper.  Then she said that these are the same reasons why students misbehave:

The purpose of the activity was to help us empathize with students who misbehave.  Then we learned different ways to deal with the behavior.  

Responsive Classroom has a blog that contains lots of information and ideas to check out.  Click on the sun to see for yourself:

Happy Hump Day!

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