Great Giveaway! Peek at my Week!

Great Giveaway!

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Peek at my Week

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In two weeks, it's tax free weekend in Massachusetts.  I'm getting a new refrigerator and a gas stove.  Since our current floor is in need of replacing due to several cracked tiles, my husband and I are going to pick out a new kitchen floor.  Plus, our mud room floor currently has "old as the hills" linoleum, and we're hoping to get tiles that can go in both rooms.

Of course, I'll also be cleaning.  This week's theme is baseboards - another thankless job - but they're always so dirty (especially since I only clean them once a year).  Hopefully, I'll make lots of progress so I can "rest" in the afternoon.

My sister, who lives in Connecticut, is coming for lunch on Tuesday, which means my father will be coming, too.  I'm always happy to go out to eat.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Tax free week, how fun! Such a brilliant idea to get the economy rolling. I hope your cleaning goes by quickly!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. Thanks for sharing about the giveaway! Good luck with your cleaning! :-)

    The Craft of Teaching


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