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My vacation started one week ago on June 24th, and now it's July already.  How did that happen so quickly? 

Any way, it's time to link up with for Currently July:

It's a good thing some of my students were such serious World Cup soccer fans because I know a little about what's going on with the World Cup. 

I'm also hoping that all my afternoon water aerobics in the pool will help me lose some weight.  It seems as if a lot of people in their 40s and 50s are struggling with weight, especially in the stomach area.  My younger son, Andrew, says I shouldn't worry - "Just be happy with the way you are..."  Well, I just want my size 10 clothes to fit without being tight - that's not asking too much - 5 pounds would make a HUGE difference. 

Also, why do people say that once it's July 4th, the summer is over?  My vacation just started a week ago Tuesday.  Plus, next week I'm taking a Responsive Classroom class so I definitely will want/need more summer vacation.

Happy 4th of July!        


  1. What a fun Fourth of July you have planned! The Fourth is such a great time for family... but I agree, I don't like that people have called it the end of summer! Maybe it's because Target and Hobby Lobby have already put out back-to-school and Halloween. Pretty sad!

    Water aerobics sound fun! I've never done them, but I hear working out in the pool is SO good for your joints and is hard exercise because of the water resistance. Good for you!

    With diet... my mom always says eat 100% right 80% of the time. She's never dieted before, and she doesn't deprive herself when she really wants something, but she holds true to her rule. She also started making her lunches bigger while also shrinker her dinners (and eating earlier) and that seemed to help!

    Good luck to you, Mrs. Krevat!

    Going Places in Fourth Grade

  2. hey there! found you through Farley's Currently! I totally know what you're saying about wanting to lose weight without dieting. It's a daily battle in my mind, too! I'm giving up gluten this month, so we'll see how I'm feeling after I detox myself from that!
    BigTime Literacy

  3. My aqua sculpt classes, even the "gentle" ones, definitely help. The water cushions my joints, but provides my muscles with resistance at the same time. And, it's fun : )

    Summer's just getting started for me, too. So, I'm intentionally ignoring the wreaths of leaves, cinnamon scented candles, and plastic pumpkins beginning to pop up in craft stores. And, I refuse to try on department store sweaters when it's 90 degrees outside. I am going to peek at the Back to School supplies by the beginning of August..ok, maybe mid July...

    Have a fun-filled Independence weekend!!!

  4. So jealous that you have a pool! I would love to get to do water aerobics everyday! That's really the only exercise that sounds enjoyable :)


  5. I agree..... people everywhere are saying that summer is over... I think with the weather we're having in Wisconsin it feels that way, but I am just getting started for my vacation!!!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard


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