Monday Meet Me Thankful Edition

I'm a day late to this link-up, but I'm very honored to link up with The Teaching Tribune for:

This week's theme is what you're thankful for:

I love the idea of being mindful and thankful for things that I often take for granted, like my health. 

Now that I'm going to be 54 in October, I want to appreciate my health.  Just today in my local paper, I read about 2 women - one was 53 and the other was 49 - who died from cancer.  This is sad and scary (sorry, if I'm being morose).  I just want to appreciate my health more.

I'm also so lucky to have my family, my friends and my dog who all love and care about me.  I'm lucky to love them back, too.

 Way back in third grade at the E.B. Newton School in Winthrop, MA, I had the BEST teacher, Miss  Ingalls.  I loved third grade so much that I decided I wanted to be a third grade teacher some day, and now I am.  How lucky am I?

I sure am lucky!

Thanks for checking in today!  I'm thankful for you, too!


  1. You are so right to be thankful about good health!! It can so easily be taken for granted! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I enjoyed your blog Susan. You are so right, good health is the greatest of all wealth.


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