Positive Thinking & Procedures and Routines for Next Year!

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Here are some quotes that have been presented at my Responsive Classroom class:

These quotes go along perfectly with Responsive Classroom which emphasizes that social and emotional skills are just as important as academic skills.  I've also learned how much more I need to model classroom routines - more of that later - than I ever had before.

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Start my Day

I used to have class meetings in the afternoon when there was time.  Now I'll be starting off my day with a Morning Meeting.  Here's an overview of Morning Meetings from the Responsive Classroom web site (press on the red words to see the complete article):

What Is Morning Meeting?

Source:  https://www.responsiveclassroom.org/morning-meeting-components

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Responsive Classroom Morning Meeting is an engaging way to start each day, build a strong sense of community, and set children up for success socially and academically. Each morning, students and teachers gather together in a circle for twenty to thirty minutes and interact with one another during four purposeful components:
  1. Greeting Students and teachers greet one other by name and practice offering hospitality.
  2. Sharing Students share information about important events in their lives. Listeners often offer empathetic comments or ask clarifying questions.
  3. Group Activity Everyone participates in a brief, lively activity that fosters group cohesion and helps students practice social and academic skills (for example, reciting a poem, dancing, singing, or playing a game that reinforces social or academic skills).
  4. Morning Message Students read and interact with a short message written by their teacher. The message is crafted to help students focus on the work they'll do in school that day.

For the last four days, our class has done an Adult Morning Meeting which I thoroughly enjoyed.  This time was interactive because we greeted each other; some people shared; we did a brief group activity; and read the Morning Message.  I'm very excited to make my Morning Message interactive and educational.

Have you ever done Morning Meeting?  Do you have a Responsive Classroom school?  I would love to hear about your experiences.

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