What we wear and eat in Massachusetts!

I'm very excited to link up with Lucy for:

Just in case you don't teach third grade in Massachusetts, our state dessert is Boston Creme pie; our state muffin is the corn muffin; chocolate chip cookies were invented in Massachusetts and are the state cookie; and our state berry is the cranberry.

Some of my students even made this own version of what we eat:

Now it's time to link up with  Style Me Pretty for:

This past week I only worked three days as I had a professional development one day.  The highlight of my week was wearing my new poncho!  Check it out:

I never would have gotten a poncho if it wasn't for this Winter Style Challenge, and I have to say, the poncho was comfortable and cozy!  In the top right picture, I'm wearing a new scarf with bright and cheerful colors which give me hope for warmer weather.  Of course, the weather is for snow tomorrow, and I just got back from the supermarket.  You would think we were getting another Blizzard of '78 - it's so crazy and crowded!

Now I can enjoy the weekend!  Enjoy yours, too!

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