Five For Friday!

By the time I finish this post, it will be time to start next week's!  At last, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for:

Last week we worked on main idea and details, and I made this anchor chart to go along with the lesson:

We also did this fun Main Idea contest from Christina Bainbridge's TPT store!   

Each group of students had to cut out four sentences and put them in order starting with the main idea and then the details.  Afterwards, each group had to come to the front of the room and share their sentences.

We also read Nights of the Pufflings by Bruce MacMillan.  This true story takes place in Iceland where children spend two weeknights in August trying to save lost and confused pufflings.

We also started learning how to measure in inches using rulers.  The kids did pretty well for their first try!

In Social Studies, we learned about the Salem Witch Trials which is always very exciting!

Every week we write a letter to the Line Leader.  Each student and I write a letter that begins:

Dear _____________,
     I'm glad you are the Line Leader because................

While we're writing, the Line Leader is making a cover for his/her book.  Here's an example - this is Danielle's cover and a sample page:

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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