First Five For Friday 2015!

Happy New Year!  We just completed our first five days of the 2015 school year.  Now it's time to link up with Doodlebugs for:

This week we read Danger:  Iceberg by Roma Gans.  Although this story gives information about icebergs, the highlight is learning about the Titanic - third graders LOVE the Titanic.  We also learned about facts and opinions.

In Social Studies, we started a new chapter about the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  I LOVE teaching about Governor John Winthrop because he was a very educated and well-written leader.  His diaries have helped us know so much about this time period.  I have a Powerpoint presentation on TPT (click here.)  If you have a Promethean Board, you can check out the interactive presentation here. 

The kids were totally fascinated by this old map of colonial Massachusetts.

We completed another round of Literacy Centers.  This week's Listening Center selection was One Cool Friend  by Toni Buzzeo.  After all, most kids would LOVE to bring a penguin home from the Aquarium!

Before vacation, the kids wrote stories about their pet reindeer.  We continue to share these stories on the rug:

(I got this activity from TPT but couldn't find it to give proper credit.)

We also had a Character Assembly for kindness.  This month each student nominated someone and gave at least one reason for their nomination (this was all done confidentially).  You can read about it on these Morning Messages:

Thanks for checking in today!

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