Happiness is Five For Friday on the Weekend!

Happy weekend!  I just love the weekend because I get to link-up with Doodle Bugs for:


Morning Messages!

This week's Morning Messages highlighted synonyms, Massachusetts and the first day of fall:

We worked more on multiplication word problems and even division - I just didn't call it that yet (we're starting on Monday).  The kids love using hula hoops and sticky notes to solve problems such as:  The Line Leader has 15 Shopkins.  She wants to put them into three piles.  How many Shopkins are in each pile:

After the demonstration, they solve the actual Math workbook problems which have the same numbers - just different words.  Plus, I got (borrowed) the hula hoops from the gym teacher!

We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears by James Marshalls and made sure to read with LOTS of expression for the three bears.  We made believe we were actors while reading our parts.

Click on image to read more on Amazon.
We were also exceptionally lucky to have a parent guest read on Friday - HUGE thanks to Mr. Mennell for reading two great books.  Plus, he reads with LOTS of expression so he's a great role model for the kids!

Last year's third graders each got a Bonnie cabbage plant to grow at home.  Check out Daniel's cabbage:

Just think of all the cole slaw you could make with that big cabbage!

Last weekend my family and I went to scenic Salem, Massachusetts and saw this awesome exhibit:

That's my daughter, Bethany, on the lower left; Derek is on the right.  Andrew missed out as he was working at the CVS pharmacy.

That's it for now - thanks for stopping by to check in!  Happy weekend!

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