Here we go again - it's time for Five For Friday!

It's my favorite time of the week - time to link-up with Doodle Bugs for:

Morning Messages.

When students walk into the classroom, there are 2 Morning Messages to read.  One is on the interactive whiteboard (see picture on top right).  This message outlines our day and gives reminders of morning chores.  The other Morning Message is on a round table and includes a question to answer.  Later in Morning Meeting, students will share their answers.

I, especially, love Morning Messages because they are evidence and review of what we're learning.

We read several books about Massachusetts' folk tale hero, Johnny Appleseed.  As a follow-up activity, we made directed drawings of Johnny and wrote a haiku about him on apples:

To check out the directed drawing activity, click here.

We finished up our first paragraphs of the week and are now sharing our stories on the rug:

In our reading books, we read How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Mark Teague.  The first sentence of the book is:  "When summer began, I headed out west."  I wrote this sentence - along with a few other opening sentences in other books - on the board and told the kids to use these sentences as a guide for their own opening sentences.  This strategy really helped the kids begin their paragraphs - nothing is more intimidating that a blank piece of paper!

I introduced some center activities last week because we'll be starting centers shortly.  We reviewed and played a place value game that uses a deck of cards.  We'll be doing centers in the afternoon this year because this time works best in the schedule.  It takes a while to adjust to all the pull-outs and inclusion times.

Lastly, I managed to get the dreaded back to school cold today (Saturday) so I'm lucky to be home and able to rest.  It's actually a great day to stay indoors as it is rainy and cool.  Plus, my husband is off to watch the UMass. football team play in Amherst so that reduces his chances of catching this cold - when my husband is sick, it is no fun for either of us, that's for sure.

Happy and healthy weekend!



  1. Hello Susan! I'm wishing you a very speedy recovery. So far, I've stayed healthy. I love your morning messages. I'm always impressed by the engaging way your messages review so much content. Have a good week! Feel better!!!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Thanks, Jan. I'm glad you're staying healthy! If I figure out the magic formula to stay immune from our students' germs, I would share it with everyone!


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