Columbus Day Week Five For Friday!

Happy Saturday!  It's the weekend, and I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for:

Morning Messages

This week we covered Columbus Day, verbs and matter in our Morning Messages:

 Computer Lab

The kids worked on their sentence Powerpoints in Computer Lab:

 When they're done, the kids will present these on the whiteboard in class.

Author Max Brallier, aka Jack Chabert

 We had an author visit/assembly on Friday:

 This author - Max Brallier whose pen name is Jack Chabert - talked to us about how he became an author and how he uses his imagination to write all his books.  He grew up in a neighboring town to our school.  You can visit his author page here.

 My Birthday!

 Last Wednesday was my birthday, and I received plenty of gifts and attention both at home and at school:

 I even got to babysit Sparty the 90 pound puppy on my birthday celebration.  He got neutered on my birthday so he should stop growing.

Blogging Class?

I volunteered to teach a "How to Make a Blog" class on November 8th at work.  Teachers are volunteering to offer professional development.  Some of the other options include Zumba and Relaxation 101.  I wonder if anyone will show up to make a blog - I guess we'll see...

Have a delightful weekend!


  1. How cool that you guys are picking your own PD! Love that! Also, your morning messages look great!


  2. I would TOTALLY show up for "How to Make a Blog". Happy birthday to you! Enjoy this gorgeous fall weekend!
    Laughter and Consistency


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