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In addition to the list below, I also have a husband, Matt, and three children in their twenties:  Bethany, Derek and Andrew.  Of course, my family would not be complete without Gabi the Dog!

I live and teach north of Boston, Massachusetts.  I LOVE learning about the history of my state so I absolutely LOVE Social Studies!

Here are some examples of the finished project from last year:

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Here's a picture of our school:

I do LOVE my clothes!  I especially love bright colored clothes which explains why I love Lilly Pullitzer - although I usually buy these clothes at consignment stores or when they're marked down a lot.  When the weather cools down, I love my tights - especially the colorful ones with designs on them.

Last year I realized what special friends I had when my father was diagnosed with lung cancer.  It was a very stressful and trying time, and I am so grateful to know I can depend on my friends.  Here's a husband anecdote:

This story reminds me of yesterday when I was eating pizza and bragging about how Gabi the Dog NEVER jumps on the table to get food.  Guess what?  While I was telling the story she reached up and took my pizza.  I'm going to try to be more humble.

Thanks for reading this long post! 

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  1. I'm cracking up about Gabi stealing your pizza!! That is what would happen if I complimented my dogs.

    My hubs is my best friend too. I bet yours only said that because sometimes people mean "Who is your best friend OTHER THAN your spouse." ;)


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