Fabulous Five For Friday!

Happy Friday!  I'm really jumping through hoops to link up on time with Doodle Bugs for:


On Tuesday, we went on a trolley tour of Woburn which was paid for by the Woburn Historical Society!

Our first stop was to the water pumping station on Horn Pond:

Over the years, Horn Pond has evolved from ice harvesting to water source to a beach.  Today it's a scenic and historic landmark.

After this, we stopped in Woburn center to check out the War Memorials.  The mayor even came by to see the kids.  Then it was off to a colonial cementary and the home of the Woburn Historical Society where they have an exhibit about tanneries which were quite prevalent back in the day.

The children's librarian from the Woburn Public Library came to "coach" the kids on their summer reading program:

Here's another Woburn landmark!

We started learning about plants in Science:

Our Morning Message theme was Presidents:

On Monday, I released our butterflies:

Click here to see the picture on Instagram.

After watching the butterflies, the kids got to go to a yoga class which took the place of Gym.  It's a program that being piloted for third graders in Woburn.  What a great idea!

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Your trolley field trip sounded like a lot of fun. How cool that the major came out and talked with the kiddos.

  2. Yoga class for kids sounds interesting. I wonder what the results of the program will be.

  3. Your photo of the Woburn Library is wonderful! It truly is a work of art!


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