Currently It's August Already!

Happy August everyone!  Summer truly is the quickest and shortest season!  Today I'm linking up with Anne in Residence for:


I enjoy following Audrey of Putting Me Together.  
She is a very down to earth and stylish blogger who showcases a variety of clothes.  You can check out her blog here.


Since I've had a broken foot and couldn't drive for the last six weeks, I've been doing a LOT/too much on-line shopping.  My most recently arrived item was a window washing kit from Amazon:
Due to my tendency to break bones, I won't be climbing on the ladder to clean my windows any more.  I'm hoping this window cleaning kit works like a charm!


I just pinned this list books that third graders love.  I'm always striving to improve my classroom library so I need to keep current !


A show I thoroughly enjoyed was The Split on the Sundance Channel.  In this six episode series, three divorce lawyers deal with family and professional woes.  If you're looking for a new show to watch, check this one out!


My countdown to orthopedic-boot living is coming to an end tomorrow.  My neighbor, who is a physical therapist, claims that I'll still need to wear my boot for long walks, but as long as I can drive, I won't be complaining!

As always, thank you so much for visiting today and reading my blog.  There's still plenty of summer left, and I'm determined to enjoy every minute!


  1. Yes, I love Audrey too! And Amazon... man, what can't you find there?!

    Hope your foot is all healed soon, and you have a great wrap-up to summer break :)

  2. I'm trying to enjoy every last minute of summer break, too. I guess a boot is better than a cast, but I'll be happy for you when you're completely healed up. That window washer kit looks helpful. Washing windows is always a pain. Thanks for visiting my blog!
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