Happy Labor Day Weekend Friday Favorites!

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Gingham Sneakers!

I had to pick up a 20 pack of Play-Doh that I had ordered at Walmart.  I finally decided that my students would LOVE this relaxing activity at the start of school.  Luckily, a Marshall's was right next door so I had to go in to check out the markdown items, and I found these most adorable slip-on sneakers that I didn't need but had to buy anyway:

You can find the exact same pair at Amazon!

Farmer's Almanac Predicts Warmer Weather In New England!

According to The Woman's Day web site, Massachusetts and the Northeast will have more rain than snow next winter (= less snow days to make up in June!):


If you want to read the whole article, click here or on the picture.

Classroom Organizing and Purging!

At the end of school, I broke my foot but still needed to get everything off the classroom floor.  Consequently, I threw everything in the cabinets.  I spent a vast amount of time over the past two weeks fixing the mess I created:

In addition, I arranged all the books in my library and made new labels, too:

Have a marvelous long and relaxing Labor Day weekend!  Do you think the Farmers' Almanac accurately predicts the weather?  This winter, I sure hope it's right!


  1. Your book bins look great! I spent quite a bit of time organizing my classroom library too. Did you start school? My students started on the 29th and it was super hot. We still had a fun week though. I love meeting a new class. Love the sneakers! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. Hey Jan! No students yet ~ they come next Thursday. Our school has a/c so we're exceptionally lucky especially with the hot weather expected again next week. I'm glad you had a successful first week. Getting off to a good start is important! Enjoy the long weekend!

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