Fabulous Friday Favorites To Check Out!

Happy Wonderful Weekend!  Today I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for:


Beautiful Cardinal!

Check out this most beautiful cardinal that was chirping loudly and clearly in my front yard this morning:


We just had two nor'easters in one week, but the sky is getting bluer every day as we move toward spring!

World Down Syndrome Day Post

On the collaborative blog, Conversations From The Classroom, I posted a new blog post about #lotsofsocksday and why March 21st is an important date.  Click here or on the picture to read all about it:


The WDSD recommend wearing, “not just any socks, brightly colored socks, mismatched socks, long socks, printed socks, one sock. Maybe even three socks, one for each chromosome.”

Another Hand Adjective Example

I want to show off my student's ~ Cole's ~ hand adjective paragraph:



Click here to download this Hand Adjective project for free!

More Style Challenge Outfits

Last week I did three of the outfit challenges ~ from left to right ~ black dress (I substituted a black plaid skirt); dress like a rock star; and an oldie but a goody:


Here is the Style Challenge if you'd like to join in:

Biggest Compliment of the Week!

Super thanks to Carrie of the Stylish Fit blog for including these kind words about my blog in a recent blog post:

blog compliment
Well, that's a quick recap of my week.  Thank you for following along and visiting today! 

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