First Friday of Vacation Five of Friday!

I'm so delighted to be on vacation and link up with Doodle Bugs for:

Every year we are so lucky to participate in the Bonnie Cabbage Plant Program (click here to learn more.)  All the third grade students brought home their very own cabbage plant to grow and take care of.  The plants looks so healthy!

I finally hung up the beautiful hornbooks that the kids created:

I love how each student made a unique creation!

You can find this project on TPT here for free!

Ms. Chalpin, our Math Interventionist, came in and did a numbers talk with the kids to teach them different strategies to solve equations:

The Morning Message theme this week was poetry:

Every day I posted a fun poem as part of our Morning Meeting.

In addition, the kids wrote Selfie poems which you can check out here.  The kids were so excited to write and share these.  Plus, they went along perfectly with our Theme of the Week. 

Have a happy weekend!


  1. I love your poem morning messages! I bet the students loved those!

  2. We'll be making hornbooks when we have our Colonial Day on May 13th. We'll also make butter, write with quill pens, stencil, and play colonial games. The kids all dress up. It's adorable! Have a great vacation! I'm on vacation too, and I've already read half of the book I started this morning. :)
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