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Hello there!  Happy July and welcome to Anne in Residence's monthly link-up:


In August, we are planning a trip to Quebec City!  I have never been, but it has a very European feel to it.  Plus, we can drive there, and it takes a little over 6 hours!

Missing or Not!

I finished school on Friday, June 24th!  This means that I am finally on vacation, and I have time to do fun activities!  Consequently, I bought a games subscription to the New York Times for $5 a month.  I am not sure that I will have time to do the games after I go back to school in September, but the games are a fun daily diversion.  I'm amazingly loving the Tiles Game in which you need to keep matching at least one element of each tile to another:

This is an example.  I hope my eyesight improves from doing these!


What's not to enjoy about the summer?  Our weather has been in the 70's and low 80's!  There is usually a breeze.  I get to go in my pool and do my water aerobics.  Plus, I get to read a lot!  I just finished this book:

In this book, three women who live in 3 different time periods, struggle with similar situations.  This book was a Good Morning America Book Club selection.  If you're looking for new book recommendations, head to their site and pick out your next book!


I just picked a new bathing suit top on Amazon Smile.  I just realized that all my old ones are stretched out.  Check it out:

A few things I love about this:
1.   It covers my chest.
2.  The geometric and colorful pattern.
3.  Tummy control.

Did you know that if you shop on Amazon Smile, a small portion of your purchase goes to a charity of your choice?  I donate my percentage to a local pet shelter, PAWS of Wakefield.


I am hoping that author Ewa Erdman who visited our school in June, can sell lots of copies of her book:

The author adopted a three legged pitbull who became a therapy dog for amputees and other rehab patients.  In addition, Ewa donates all proceeds to animal shelters!

Here is a picture of Ewa and me when she visited our school:

As always, I appreciate that you visited my blog today!  Please let me know if you have any book recommendations or ideas for what to do in Quebec City.  

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  1. Hooray for being on vacation!! That tile game looks like a challenge..whoa! And, what's not to love about summer?!? Not truer statement!! Enjoy the rest of your July:)


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