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Hello!  I'm so happy you're visiting for another installment of Anne in Residence's monthly link-up:


I just learned that this nor'easter has a name ~ Grayson!  The snow is just starting now, and we're expecting about a foot in the Boston area.  Today is a snow day, and tomorrow it's going to be brutally cold and windy so we'll probably be home again.


I'm hoping to get some much-needed organizing and cleaning done today.  My goal is to clean out the pots and pans cabinet.  Of course, I'd rather be blogging or watching TV so we'll see ...


I'm hoping to schedule a trip to Florida during April school vacation to see my aunt who has Alzheimer's.  My husband and I went last April, and I had such a nice visit with her:


Now that we're having this huge blizzard, I wonder if the air fares will increase? 


My local library posted a list of the librarians' favorite books, and this book was on the list so I'm currently reading and enjoying it:

I've only just begun, but so far a customer has committed suicide in the book store.  Click here
or on the book cover to read more at Amazon.


We had so much fun playing Pictionary the other night!  

Do you love playing Pictionary, too?  Please let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for checking in today!  

If you're having snow, good luck shoveling out!

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  1. I read that book last year and really enjoyed it - the description of it starting off with a suicide might seem off-putting, but it's really good! And enjoy that snow day - sounds like a perfect opportunity for organizing...or blogging and tv :)


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