Professional Development For Next Year

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Next Year and Professional Development

     I wish that there was training in how to avoid Back to School Anxiety.  I get so worried about being prepared for Back to School.  I know that once I am back at school, and the students arrive, I will be fine and happy.  Knowing that the summer is dwindling and that life will be new and different once school starts, causes self-doubt and nail-biting.  If anyone has the solution to this situation, please let me know.

     In real life, I could use professional development in the following areas:

*Fountas and Pinnell Reading Program:  We are starting this exciting new program, and I need to learn how to use all the new materials.

*Fundations:  This new phonics program is brand new for 3rd grade next year.

*Lucy Calkins Writing Program:  Last year was our first full year.  I have made many slide decks, but I would love to learn how to deal with students who do not want to write.

     Well, those are my top areas of "Needs Improvement."  What makes Professional Development memorable and helpful for you?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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