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Well, it is that time again:  Back To School.  I have been preparing my classroom.  The desks need to be 3 feet apart, and we will all wear masks.  I am happy that the kids get to come to school.  It is so important to have that interaction.


My summer vacation is ending.  I'm always amazed at how fast the summer flies by.  Labor Day weekend is the time to close the pool.


I really love deep cleaning and organizing my house and now my classroom.  It makes such a difference to be in a neat place where everything belongs in a certain place.  Of course, I need to figure out how to maintain the clean and neat house and classroom.  If you have discovered the secret, please let me know!


I picked out my first day of school outfit!  I still need to have a brand new and special outfit for the first day of school.  I got the skirt at the Nordstrom sale over the summer!


I really wanted to post to my blog every week.  I did try.  Link-up parties really motivate me to write and share my news.  I'm writing a blog post about how I clean and organize my classroom.  I am holding off on posting because I want to include how to maintain a sense of order.  When I am teaching, I tend to throw everything on my desk ~ which is not a good habit, but I want to be present to teach and help my students.  

Tomorrow is my last day of vacation.  My classroom is in pretty good shape so I'm hoping to enjoy this Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Hope it is the beginning of a great school year! And, hooray, for the kids with you in the classroom!:) PS - love those sunflowers!

  2. I love that skirt! And I hope you have a great year in your classroom!!!

  3. Cute skirt! I hope you have a great school year.



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