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Hello there!  Welcome to another installment of Anne in Residence's:


Twelve days ago I slipped on black ice and broke my right arm/wrist.  My orthopedic is making all my decisions.  I had surgery on Wednesday, and I am making good progress after recovering from the day after the surgery.  I am going back tomorrow to find out if I will get a cast or a split as well as to see the occupational therapist.


I imagine spring.  The sun is warming up, and it is so much lighter later in the day.  I want to feel the sun on my face!


I am not making dinner.  Luckily, I discovered Lasagna Love, nominated myself, and enjoyed lasagna today for lunch.  Lasagna Love  includes volunteers who make lasagnas for people who need a lasagna for whatever reason.  You can nominate anyone, including yourself, if you have need of a free lasagna.  They even deliver the lasagna to your door!  What a great idea!


I am reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle right now.  It is a good read because it is inspirational and honest.


My new favorite clothing:  ponchos!  I found these on Amazon, and they are cozy and warm.

As much as I love typing and adding pictures, this is it for this month!  Every day gets easier but ...Here is some good news:  I am learning how to eat and write with my left hand.  I can still learn and adapt!

Happy March everyone!  Stay healthy and well!  Thank you for visiting the blog today!


  1. Wishing you a quick recovery. I had an arm injury a while back and it is amazing how many things you can train to do with your left once you are forced to.

    1. Right! When you have no choice, you find a way to get it done! Glad you are recovered!


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