October ~ Showing and Telling!

Happy October!  It's time to link-up with Forever in Fifth Grade for:


Science Poems in Morning Messages

We've started learning about the states of matter, and I found these great poems to include in my Morning Messages:

Click here to check out the above poem and other poems about matter.

Fabulous Flamingo Birthday Cake

My soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Kaylee, made this amazing and delicious birthday cake for my birthday:

The feathers and the flamingo neck/head were edible, too!  Kaylee's quite talented when it comes to baking!

My Autumn Themed Splint

I've graduated from my cast to this seasonal splint:

Last Friday I took the day off to tend to my wrist.  Now I'll be going to occupational therapy for the next 4 weeks!

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Columbus Day weekend and week!  Check out last week's adventures!

October Arrives

Time is already flying, and we've only just begun the school year!

The Best Part of Me

If you've never read this book by Wendy Ewald, please check it out!  It's written by third - fifth grades students who talk about their best parts:


The kids are currently working on their own paragraphs ~ samples will appear next week!

Oodles of Noodles

I love comfort food ~ especially chicken noodle soup ~ so I had to share this Morning Message!

American Black Bears and Informational Writing

My professional goal includes improving my students' writing skills.  After reading an informational passage in our reading books, the kids were quite excited to share their knowledge on this bear template:

Non-Fiction Blog Post

Click here or on the graphic to read my new post at Conversations from the Classroom:


Next Friday, I'm getting my cast off!  Check in next week for more adventures!


Currently - October - An Amazing Month!


Today I'm linking up with Anne in Residence and Dana from Something Good for:



I'm getting my cast off on October 13th, but in the meantime, it's an important accessory!


I'm saving a lot of water by washing my hair in the kitchen sink and taking a bath.  I don't fill the bath up that much because I get in, wash up and get right out.


I'm always searching for my next good book to read.  I used to read any book, but now that I'm back at work, I want my reading to be worthwhile and fun!

What's one of the best and favorite books you've ever read?  Mine are Memoirs of a Geisha and The Red Tent.


I am hoping to go apple and pumpkin picking the weekend to celebrate my birthday!


I'm making it through every day with this cast on my arm.  I thankfully have not missed any school because of my injury.  After the splint came off, I realized how important bending my elbow is!  When the cast comes off, I'm hoping to type with both hands!

Happy Columbus Day!


Happy Fall Five For Friday!

Hello there!  I'm so happy you've stopped by to see what we've been doing!

Math Storytelling Day

I'm still in the habit of going to Checkiday every morning when writing my Morning Message.  Last week I discovered this fun holiday:

morning message

That day we solved math riddles and played math games - check here for some ideas to get started.

Celebrating Johnny Appleseed!

massachusetts state folktale hero

To celebrate, we read a book about Johnny Appleseed's life.  Then we made directed drawings of Johnny and wrote haikus about him:

directed drawings and haikus

Johnny Appleseed Morning Message

We had Picture Day on Wednesday which explains the greeting of this Morning Message.

Apple Poem to Introduce Verbs

Going along with the apple theme, we read this poem which served a springboard for our Verb Unit:


Book Recommendation

If you need a new book, I totally recommend this page-turner which Reese Witherspoon will be adapting for TV:


Click on the book to read more at Amazon.

Have a wonderful week!  Thanks for checking in today!


Finally ~ Five Fun Facts From Last Week!

Happy Fall!  Have you gotten your back to school cold yet?  I have which explains this post's first graphic!

like a cup of tea

Monday Morning Messages

On Monday, I always ask the same question on my Morning Message:  Write three words that best describe your weekend.  (I got this idea on the blog Elementary Matters).  During the Sharing part of the meeting, each student shares one highlight from their weekend.

It really helps me to have the same question every Monday!

Tuesday Morning Message

On Tuesdays, I include a poem, and the question is always about the last time you helped someone:

morning message

morning message

I found the pumpkin poem on Pinterest - click here to see the original Pin.

Learning More About Massachusetts

We began using our Social Studies book.  I always try to incorporate new vocabulary and information into my messages.

morning message

New Watermelon Sign

A father of one of my students very kindly and generously made this sign for me:


Our classroom doors have windows so I hung it there to give our room more privacy.

Gabi the Dog's New Halloween Costume

Gabi the Dog got super lucky when we found some great costumes at T.J. Maxx.  I, of course, wanted the watermelon, but the hamburger won out in the end ~ especially after my son Andrew asked if the costume was for me or Gabi.
Thank you for popping by (this one-finger typing is really tedious and time-consuming!).  

Have a wonderful week!

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