Currently ~ It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like December!

Happy Thursday!  Welcome to another edition of Currently with Anne in Residence and her cohost Catherine of A Short Blonde for:


I love my battery operated candles with a timer.  Once daylight savings time arrives, I make sure these candles turn on at 4:30 so there's still light in the house.  

Click here to check out some adorable candles with paw prints!


I've done a lot of shopping this year at J. Crew Factory - search for collector t-shirts.  I purchased this plaid elephant shirt:

Click here for men's t-shirts ~ there's just not as exciting as the women's version!


Check out these most adorable Christmas stamps available at your local post office now:

The Snowy Day stamps are THE BEST!


OK ~ I'm sending a book recommendation that everyone should read because its message is so powerful and relevant:

Last week I learned an amazing fact about the Statue of Liberty in the book:

The Statue's right foot is raised to symbolize her walking away from unjust treatment and slavery.  WOW!  Every person who values freedom should read this book and learn the importance of Lady Liberty's right foot.


I LOVE the new song ~ Take It All Back ~ by Judah and the Lion.  Click here to check out the video on You Tube!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I bought those Snowy Day stamps for my Christmas cards this year - love them! Also love my battery-operated candles on a timer too. So great to have that cozy lighting turn on automatically as the sun goes down.

  2. Woah. Who knew that about the Statue of Liberty? We went to NYC this fall. This book will be perfect for my son in a few years!


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