Delightful December!

Welcome to December!  Time goes on, and it flies by even faster when you're learning and  having fun!

Five For Friday

 Skill of the Week ~ Inferencing

I love when my Morning Messages reinforce what we're learning in class:



 Dinoman Assembly

 We had a most delightful and fun assembly with Dinoman who entertained and educated us with his wit and knowledge:


 My favorite part was the huge blow-up dinosaurs!

Interview Paragraph and Pictures

When the excitement of Halloween takes over, the kids interview each other and write a paragraph.  (Click here for a New Year's interview activity ~ just in case you need an engaging writing activity).  Check out some finished products:

interview paragraph

student drawing

Book Recommendation

If you love author Anita Shreve, you need to read her newest book:

In this book, the main character deals with major setbacks:  fires; abusive marriage;...  Read more details on Amazon.

J. Crew Factory Collector T-Shirts

If you need a last minute gift, check out these fun t-shirts on J. Crew Factory:

penguin t-shirt

This penguin t-shirt is my favorite!

Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting today!

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