Five For Friday - Washington, DC!

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Last week my family and I spent time in Washington, DC visiting my older son, Derek, who is doing an internship at Americans for the Arts.  Here are some highlights!

We got a tour of the Capitol Building from the intern at Representative Katherine Clark's office:

 As luck would have it, it was "Bring Your Dog to Work Day" so Cash was in the office.  We saw several pooches in the hallways.  The Capitol is a huge building filled with plenty of history and LOTS of people.  Being in Washington, DC reminded me frequently of Disneyland with all the lines, walking and heat.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Botanical Gardens:

Check out the banana tree; a picture from the root exhibit; the orchids and products made from plants.

We also visited the Library of Congress - home to President Thomas Jefferson's library and a room of colonial maps:

There is still a Marborough Street in Boston today!

The National Museum of Art was amazing:

I love how this artist is recreating one of the paintings!

We also had an incredible opportunity to see a baby panda at the National Zoo:

The baby panda's name is Bao Bao, and he loves to eat his bamboo.  It was so hot that the pandas were in air conditioned rooms.  While Bao Bao was eating, his parents were sound asleep.

We saw many other places, too!  There is so much to see and do in Washington, DC - people come from all over the country and the world to visit.  It's so hot there - the temperature was around 90 degrees while we were there, and that was considered cooler than normal.  Luckily, everything is air conditioned! 

Happy August!  Have a wonderful week!

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