Top Ten Candy List/Morning Meeting Greetings = Two Link-Ups!

Candy is one of my favorite things!  That's why I'm linking up with The Third Grade Nest for a Top Ten Candy List!

My all-time favorite candy is the Sky Bar!  Check it out:

When my children were young, we lived near a store called "The Candy Castle" ( it was in Melrose and closed a few years back).  In addition to candy, The Candy Castle sold slush.  We were daily year-round customers.  It helped that I could pile the kids in the stroller and walk down.  Added bonus:  there was a commuter rail station across the street with a bench so we could eat our slush and watch the trains go by.  Every time I went to the Candy Castle, I bought 2 Sky Bars - one for me and one for my husband.  Those Sky Bars were our special treat and reward.  I always gave the caramel section to my husband as I am not a big fan of caramel.  I thoroughly enjoyed the other sections.

Any time I have an opportunity to eat Peanut M & M's, I take advantage.  Of course, I LOVE most candy - except caramel and white chocolate - which I don't consider real candy.  If you do ever come across a Sky Bar, I highly recommend it!

  In addition, I'm linking up with A Word on Third for:

 The first few weeks of school, I always start the greeting with "Good Morning ____________" or "Hello _____________" and a hand shake.  Then I change the greeting to include:

* Hola _______________.

* Happy Hump Day ______________.

* TGIF ______________________.

* Bonjour/ Oi / Buenos dias.

Other alternates to a hand shake include:

* High five

* Fist pump

* Pinky shake

After about four weeks, I ask the Line Leader if he/she would like to start the greeting.  Usually, the Line Leader is delighted to take on this responsibility.  Now I only need to start the greeting if the Line Leader is absent.

I'm excited about this link-up because I'm always looking for ways to improve/diversify my Morning Meeting!  Please try to link up with  A Word on Third! 


  1. Thank you for linking up with me! I have never heard of a Sky Bar, but it sounds like HEAVEN! Everything you could ever want! My boyfriend just informed me that they might be available at Cracker Barrel ... so, I know where we're going today!
    The Third Grade Nest

  2. Thanks so much for linking up with me!! :) We love using different languages in my room too.

    I've never eaten (or heard of) a sky bar before, but when I was a kid, I ate these little Necco wafer candies that looked like big smarties!

  3. Ok! I need to try one of those Sky Bars. Looks delicious.


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