First Week of 2017 ~ Five For Friday!

Thanks for checking in for my weekly installment with Doodle Bugs Teaching for::

Morning Messages

This week's messages focused on New Year = New You and resolutions:

Of course, it didn't hurt that January 5th is National Whipped Cream Day!

Subtracting Across Two Zeroes

I love this subtraction "trick:"

I got the original idea on Pinterest, and I LOVE how it simplifies all the borrowing.
Introducing A New Me Poem

A New Year is really to perfect time to reevaluate and try new things as well as make improvement.  I love this poem that you can get for free here:

I read this poem to the kids, and now it's hanging out in the hall.  I'm also trying to keep my desk clean ~ this is always one of my New Year's resolutions!

New Goodyear School Logo

At the last staff meeting, our principal asked all of us to add a list of character traits we would like all students to have.  He turned our list into a lion's paw print that included our words:

My contribution was empathetic ~ being more like this is also one of my annual resolutions!

Black Lab Light

My son's fiancee, Kaylee, gave us this most amazing black lab in the snow light:

We put it on every night and enjoy looking at it.  Check out this link to Wayfair to see the above light and other Glitz Home products..  Also, there are many other unique gifts to check out!

The meteorologists are warning of 8 - 12 inches of snow north of Boston ~ UGH!

I hope you have better weather where you are!

P.S.  I'm so glad that Five For Friday is back!

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  1. I like the pawprints! We have been using the Core Values for many years. Our list has been condensed so we can focus on one each month! Our jobs are so expanding!
    Enjoyed your new me poem. I try to also remind the kids who rush, that sometimes the 'first one done, is not always the best one done.' Back and forth....we try....
    Thank you.


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