Happy October Five For Friday!

Happy Fall Day!  Thanks for visiting to check up what's new these days!

Change Is Simple & Endangered Animals!

Change Is Simple is a group of people who strive to teach our students about the environment and how to make the world a better place.  Last week we learned all about endangered animals:

The kids had a blast learning about different animals and where they live.

How am I like this animal?  A Fun Get Up and Move Game!

To get the kids up and moving, Change is Simple used this fun activity:

1.  Each student received a picture of an endangered animal.

2.  The student had to think of something he/she had in common with the animal.  Example:  I am like a jaguar because I can run fast.

3.  Each student moves around and shares their common trait with others.

Running Around the World

First, the kids get to run around the world!  Then it's back to business on this huge map of the world on which the students place their animal cards on the continent where the animal lives.

Diligence ~ Character Trait of the Month

I love encouraging trying one's best and working hard.  Plus, we all need to work on using kind words and actions:

Ben and Jerry's Boston Ice Cream Party

My husband and I visited the Seaport section of Boston where there are plenty of new buildings and businesses ~ including a new Ben & Jerry's with this cool mural:

How cute is this mural!

I'm hoping to be back with more news shortly!  

Have a wonderful weekend!

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