Currently ~ Awesome April ~ the Gateway to Spring

 Howdy there!  When April arrives, the birds start singing again, and the sky gets bluer and brighter!  It's always a pleasure to link up with Anne of Anne in Residence and Jessica of I Am Teacher Fit for:


This Garnier facial wash has made my skin smoother:


Our Bonnie Cabbage plants have arrived at school and are in my classroom:

Check out last year's winning cabbage plant which was grown by a student from Alabama:


Warm spring weather?  I don't think it will be here any time soon so it's a good thing I'll be going to Delray Beach, Florida soon!


I'm making lots of Morning Messages with poetry as April is National Poetry Month:

I find out about all these obscure holidays on


I'm on the hunt for sandals to wear to my son's wedding on June 2nd.  These sandals are en route, and I hope one pair is both comfortable and fits well:

You can click on the top sandals to read more.
The sandals to the right are sold out in this color.  You can
see my dresses here.

Which sandals do you like best?

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. What?! That cabbage plant is amazing. What a fun project for school. And those floral sandals are so fab!


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