Autumn Arrives Along With Friday Favorites!

Hello there!  Thanks for visiting today!  Although I'm happy to say good-bye to weather in the 90 degree range, I'm sad to let go of summer and have to put away my "Endless Summer" pillow.  In the meantime, it's time to share my weekly news and link up with Jan of Laughter and Consistency for Saturday Sum Up and:

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Learning About the Constitution 

Last Monday we learned about the U.S. Constitution which was signed on September 17th!

Place Value Math Game Using Playing Cards

I saw this adorable game on the Mailbox Blog (I tried to find the original post but couldn't).    We played Place Value War on Friday using scissors to show the greater than/less than ~ the BIG mouth eats the BIG number.  Next week we're going to play again making 4 digit number instead.

Pumpkin Themed Morning Message

I write my Morning Messages every day when I arrive at school.  Click here or on the picture to read how I make the most of my Morning Messages.

BEST and CUTEST Designs to Check Out!

I was out and about today in Wakefield and visited one of my favorite stores in town:  Create: Artisan Studio when I stumbled upon the most adorable cards ever!

You can check out Regina Martine Design here  or by clicking on the above picture to see all her amazing work!  I fell in love with all her work because it's colorful and whimsical.  If you check out her site, please let me know what you think!

Happy Autumn!  Thank you for checking in today!

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  1. Love the place value game! I pinned it, because I definitely want to use that with my class. Regina's work is really cool. She has one illustration with a possum in front of a bookshelf. That was my favorite.
    Laughter and Consistency


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