Happy Daylight Savings Time!

Happy November!  I survived last week with all its excitement, namely Halloween ~ the day of and the day after!  Now I'm honored to link up with Jan from Laughter and Consistency for Saturday Sum-Up;
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Who Loves Candy Corn?

On the way to work last Tuesday, I heard that it was National Candy Corn Day on the radio so I knew that I had to include Candy Corn in my Morning Message:

Click here or on the Morning Message to see the original Pin.

Happy Halloween ~ Dress Up Like A Book Character

Check out our class on Halloween:

Check out my colleague, Ms. Lindstrom and me, all decked out as book characters:

Listening = Important Life Skill

Life is full of distractions.  Learning to listen is becoming a lost art.  That's why I like to emphasize the importance of actively listening to my students:

Do you have at least one person who you can count on to listen to you?  If so, you are quite lucky!

Gabi the Dog Claims My New Couch

Last spring my husband and I purchased a beautiful navy blue velour couch.  We claimed that Gabi would never be on the couch.  However, when we're at work ~ or even home ~ she'll quietly and discretely climb onto the new couch.  So much for our resolution...

It's rough being a spoiled dog!

Alas, I'm off to finish my weekend work ~ namely laundry and cleaning!  Have a wonderful week ahead!

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  1. Gabi looks REALLY comfy on your beautiful couch. Love your Olivia costume! Where did you buy the dress? It's perfect! Have a great week.
    Laughter and Consistency


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