Awesome August ~ Please Slow Down!

Hello there!  Summer flies by faster than any other time of the year!  I'm excited to link up with Anne from Anne in Residence today for her monthly link-up:


I ordered this pretty dress (it's now on sale, too!) that I LOVE at TJ, and I'm wearing it to the rehearsal dinner for my son's wedding.

In addition,  I found another dress (also at TJ but is no longer available) that I'll be wearing to the wedding:

J. Renee Womens Davet Pewter 8.5 M (B)Rather than my favorite slippers, I'll be wearing these sandals purchased on Amazon to the wedding:


 I've been watching Bonus Family on Netflix.

This fun three-season show is a modern day "Brady Bunch" that takes place in Sweden.  There are subtitles so I might even be learning a word or two in Swedish.  Plus, it's the perfect combination of comedy and drama!  Have you heard of this show or checked it out?

I'm always looking for recommendations ~ if you have any!


I got a Hello Fresh Box this week and made these amazing Chicken and Pineapple quesadillas:


We have an above ground swimming pool in the backyard, and I LOVE going in my pool.  This year my pool just recovered from being green only to find out that there is yellow algae.  Consequently, I have been brushing and vacuuming the pool while getting the water tested daily at the hardware store.  I'm wondering when I'll get clear pool water!


Now that is actually August, summer is flying by even faster, and before I know it, I'll be back at school.  Consequently, I am savoring every day of my precious summer vacation!

Thank you for visiting the blog and checking in!  I hope you're enjoying every last day of summer!


  1. Love both of your dresses - what great finds! I just lined up a Blue Apron box for the first week of school, figuring that will be a handy way to deal with the busy schedule changes - in the meantime, I'm with you on savoring all of August!

  2. Lovely dresses! Congratulations to your son! When is the wedding. I've never seen that show. My husband and I recently finished watching the latest season of Heartland. (Netflix) We are almost back to school! I'm excited but also want summer to last at least a LITTLE longer.
    Laughter and Consistency

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