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Hello there!  Thank you so much for checking in today as I link up with Anne in Residence  for her monthly link-up:


This week, on-line learning requirement have changed.  We need to post the next week's schedule the Friday before so that parents know what their children will be working on the following week.  Here is my schedule for next week:


I am really missing teaching my students about the Revolutionary War in person.  I will teach this material on line, but this is one of my favorite chapters to teach because a lot of the action happened in and around Boston.  Paul Revere's original route is actually marked by signs and is recreated every year (except this year).


Every day I am learning something new and exciting when it comes to Google Classroom!  I even taught myself how to record myself while presenting a slideshow.  Now I have my own YouTube channel, too.


I'm loving that I have a daily schedule which helps give my life some structure.  Of course, I still forget what day it is, but as I add walks with friends and structure to my "school" day, life feels more "normal."

I'm also loving that I'm developing fun "drag and drop" activities for my students.  I used the shape tool to create my own ice cream cones to make a fraction activity.


I just finished this delightful Book of the Month Club:
Writers & Lovers: A Novel
Click on the book to read more at Amazon.

If you're looking for a fun book to read this could be the book for you!  The setting is Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts ~ which I loved because I knew many of the locations.  The main character, Casey, works in a fictional restaurant in Harvard Square; this part reminded me of Sweetbitter.

Now I've just started this book which I am also enjoying.
The author, Elizabeth Wetmore, writes with vivid details so you'll feel like you're right in the middle of the action!

Valentine: A Novel
Click on the book to read more at Amazon.


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  1. My husband has been helping me with the tech aspects I never knew. I learned to record myself reading slides (like you described). I'm TERRIBLE at making teaching videos though! I get all nervous and spazzy and rush. WHY???? I could have the superintendent, the principal, and a parent in my classroom and I would not get nervous. But making videos? Forget it! Weird. I had a lot of fun making materials too! Fortunately, making learning materials is fun for me so I didn't mind very much. Love the idea of an ice cream cone fraction activity. Fun!
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