Writing Challenge: A 100 Word Story!

Happy Halloween Everyone!  We are back in school using a hybrid model, and it takes A LOT of time to plan and create ~ which I love; it just leaves little time for anything else.

We are currently using the Lucy Calkins' writing program.  The kids write every single day, and for some of them, this is quite a challenge.  To set a good example, I try to do these writing challenges sponsored by Susanna Leonard Hill.  I did some over the summer, and these challenges give me incentive to write creatively and for fun.

Check out my entry:

The final word count is 94 words (the title doesn't count).  My inspiration was a "Be Kind" mask that one of my students gifted me at the start of school.  I wear this mask every Friday, and at time, my students and I match ~ just like Skeleton and Creep!

In other exciting news, I turned 60.  Now I can officially go food shopping during "senior hours."

As always, thank you for visiting this old blog.  I appreciate your visit!


  1. Nice story and a great message. Good luck!

  2. Sweet story and love the emphasis on kindness!


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